A Day of Code

A Day of Code

By Dylan Adlard (L6, S)

The Third Form experienced an educational and inspirational day on computer coding led by Head of Third Form, Mr Conner. Each pupil chose a topic based around their current aspirations for their future area of study, ranging from music production to pure programming.

The first group I sat in on were busy designing programs using Python to detect whether a car was speeding or not, and if so relay its registration number and speed, calculated by the program depending on time intervals and a fixed distance, to a central database. Another group began the day learning about different programming languages, and what each one entails and is used for, followed by lessons to understand simple programming. A third group used Raspberry Pi to understand the basics of website programming, impressing a professional coder who enthused, “The day went really well. The students began knowing very little, and came out of the process understanding the basics of HTML and CSS, as well as being able to create interactive links to other webpages”.

George Gusakov (3rd, BH) commented, “I was not sure what to expect but the day turned out to be fun, interesting, and rather challenging!” Head of Music, Mr McKee was also seriously impressed with the musical students who composed their own music and soundtracks for film clips as well as home videos. Lily Cutts (3rd, Q), Tommy Haddock (3rd, H) and Will Buttress (3rd, S) actually wrote their own compositions and recorded their own vocals.

Mr Conner explained, “The groups were led by professionals from GCHQ, Raytheon, Google, Appsbroker Consulting Ltd, Help with IT, College staff and Henry Dowding (5th S). Each stand was thoroughly prepared and allowed the pupils to experience basic coding and get an understanding of the potential the applications have in the wider world. Our thanks must go to all of them”.

“The pupils were engaged all day writing programmes, designing soundtracks for films or a prep reminder app, building an LED light cube, creating a website and a ‘Flappy Bird’ game alongside many other activities.

Mr Conner concluded, “Working over a screen all day was tiring at times but a very valuable lesson, was learnt by all. The pupils will also get a chance to see what the others achieved after Half Term”.

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