A Historic Trip for Kingfishers

A Historic Trip for Kingfishers

 A very excited group of Year 2 boys and girls enjoyed a trip back in time to historic Goodrich Castle.

They met their tour guides on arrival, Lady Joan, Mistress Meg, Mistress Enid and Mistress Nell. They took the boys and girls up to the castle and told them facts about what they could see. Tobias said, "We saw where the toilets would have been and where 'the stuff' would have come out into the moat. There would have been a small boy that had to clean the tunnel full of stuff!" 


The tour guides told them a story about Owen, the kitchen boy, and then the group explored the castle to find the places he would have worked and slept. Viktoria said, "I learnt a lot about the servants. They only slept on mattresses on the floor!"

 After lunch, everyone went off in groups to explore the castle further. They climbed narrow, winding stairs up to the keep and down dark, gloomy stairs into the dungeons. Morgan said, "Climbing the stairs up to the keep was so scary!"

Overall Year 2 had a fantastic but exhausting day!

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