A night at the West End

A night at the West End

Last week, ​Queen’s and ​Newick House collaborated to perform a production of musical highlights from Oliver!, The Lion KingMamma Mia, Grease and The Sound of Music for their joint House play. All year groups were involved and the majority of both Houses took part, either on stage or behind the scenes.

Jess Steel (L6, Q) said, “Preparations for our House play started long before the start of term, with rehearsals commencing straight away when we had all returned from summer holidays. The prospect of pulling off all five musicals was very daunting, and although rehearsals were intense and exhausting, we can all agree that we are very proud of the finished performance. We are overwhelmingly pleased with how involved all year groups have been across both Houses and the integrated directing, singing, and performance from both Newick House and Queen’s.

“The lower years have stepped up and excelled in all aspects, from their acting to their professionalism backstage and in rehearsals, and the Sixth Form have set a brilliant example and provided great guidance to them.”

Theo Hunt (L6, H) agreed, mentioning, “With the trusted favourite of Upper College boys dressed as girls and some hilarious costumes, the evening certainly provided plenty of laughs but not at the expense of some high-quality singing and acting. Highlights of the evening included Shakhin Zamani (L6, NH) singing and dancing along with the Third Form to The Sound of Music and an outstanding performance from the Lower College Queen’s girls of Mamma Mia. Members of the audience described it as “the best College performance to date”.

With contributions from all ages across both Houses and brilliant directing from Alicia Burd (U6, Q) and Mrs McBride, all in all, it was a fantastic production. Bravo!

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