ARTiculation Prize

ARTiculation Prize

Two College pupils, Dan Lee (U6, NH) and Olympia Olympitis (U6, Ch) participated in teh National ARTiculation Prize Competition for Art History at the Amofini Gallery in Bristol. The students, all from Rugby Group Schools, had to research and present to adjudicators a work of their choice.

Dan, who came second in the competition, focussed on Boccioni's Unique Forms in Continuity in Space, a bronze Futurish sculpture, relating it to K F Nietzche's concept for the Übermensch (Superman).

Olympia, who came third in the competition, walked us through Apollo and Daphne, G L Berini's 17th Century marble sculpture based on Ovid's Metamorphosis.Congratulations to both pupils for their achievements in this nationallhy acclaimed annul event designed to promote the appreciation and disucssion of art.








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