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The turnout of a large number of OCs at both the College Regatta and the Boat Club Dinner in 2009 rekindled the desire for a formal, established Old Boys’ Boat Club. Upon further research it was discovered that an Old Boys’ Club did once exist but had clearly got lost over time. The plan is to revive the Caterpillars Boat Club and as such the committee are extending membership to anyone ever affiliated with the Cheltenham College Boat Club, including coaches, parents and old girls and boys.

The short-term hope is to build up a large membership base that will be invited to attend a number of social events per year, such as Henley Royal Regatta and a Caterpillars Boat Club BBQ on College Regatta day, followed by an invitation to the annual Boat Club dinner in the evening. It is hoped that this will not only provide a useful contact forum for younger OCs but also a chance for older OCs to meet once again and exchange stories.