Academic Olympiad

Academic Olympiad

Our first Academic Olympiad gave all pupils a chance to show their strengths in applying their subject knowledge to new challenges. Each pupil was selected within their House as a 'Genius' or 'Mastermind' in their section and went off in their team to put their grey matter to work. The Geniuses attempted tasks in Maths, Science and Design while the Masterminds took on challenges in English, the Humanities and Languages. The importance of teamwork was stressed before the event began and pupils soon realised that their ears were going to be twice as important as their mouths when finding the right answer or conducting their experiment in the best way. It was certainly evident to staff that the children’s ability to work together and to hold discussions improved as the morning went on. The morning was a great success, thanks to the enthusiasm of the staff and the energy of the children. Pupils displayed tenacity, independence, co-operation and intelligence throughout the morning and I hope that many feel they have been able to demonstrate their strengths in different ways during this new event.



The overall winner will be announced in our final Assembly, but here are some initial results to whet your appetite:
Lower School: 1st place Athens, 2nd place Rome
Middle School: 1st place Persia, 2nd place Athens
Upper School: 1st place Corinth, 2nd place Troy

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