Adorable Additions to Science Department

Adorable Additions to Science Department

In Science lessons, Year 5 have been studying the life cycles of different animal groups by watching eggs hatching and caterpillars turning into chrysalises, first-hand. 

At the beginning of the week, ten eggs, an incubator and brooder box were delivered. Mr Williams set up a webcam so that everyone could watch the eggs hatching even, if we weren’t in the room. Pupils learned all about the development of the embryo, from fertilisation through to the hatching of the chick, discovering that a fertile egg will hatch after 21 days. Day 21 was this week, and the pupils found that three chicks had hatched out early in the morning before everyone had arrived at school.

Through the rest of the week, pupils were able to watch more of the chicks hatch, either in person or on the webcam from another classroom. Excitingly, all 10 eggs hatched and, by Thursday evening, the chicks were all fluffed up and happily living in the brooder box. Year 7 finished off the week by researching and presenting information on the life cycle, embryo development and gestation periods of chickens, as well as having a quick cuddle with the chicks! Over the next week we will look after them by giving them fresh food and water twice a day and changing their bedding. 

We now await the hatching of our butterflies over the course of the next week. It’s all go in the Science department! 


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