All There is to Know About Bath Road

All There is to Know About Bath Road

Year 3 visited the popular Bath Road area of Cheltenham in order to carry out their field work for Geography. Armed with clip boards and maps, the groups worked their way from Kew Place up to the Norwood roundabout.

During their studies, boys and girls found out everything they could about the land use on Bath Road. They had to be very observant and found that there was a huge variety of shops available: it was possible to buy almost anything there, from bubble bath to bacon rolls and pet food to Pokemon cards! Carefully recording the names and type of shops has enabled them to create their own maps in class, using detailed keys. 

Meanwhile, other members of the year conducted a survey of the public. They planned to find out who visited Bath Road and the purpose of their visit. This will help the class to build a full picture of what kind of people come to Bath Road and why the shops and services found are doing business there. 

It was wonderful to see how polite and considerate Year 3 were to other members of the public. Despite how chilly it was, everyone remembered their manners and many of the shopkeepers were really welcoming to the pupils and more than happy to explain a little more about their shop and what they sold. Good investigation work Lower School!


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