Ancient Adventures

Ancient Adventures

Travelling back in time, Year 3s ended up in the time of Pharaohs, mummies and hieroglyphs. The children began with some pyramid work, either building or measuring them. One group found out that the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza could have covered the whole grounds of The Prep! Starting at the corner of the playing field, one side went up, past the astro and, apparently, as far as Old Bath Road (though the children didn’t trundle that far!) It was also three times taller than the Eagle Star building – wow!


After an English lesson focusing on turning a body into a mummy (do be careful, parents – the children now know how to scoop your brain out!), they moved on to some art activities. Bookmarks were made using real papyrus (all the way from the Egyptian branch of Amazon) and the children wrote their name using the ancient art of picture writing. They also made their own version of a death mask like that originally modelled by Tutankhamun, whom they researched, alongside Howard Carter. 

A varied day full of cross-curricular adventures!

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