Art Prepares for Grand Opening

Art Prepares for Grand Opening


In preparation for the exciting SATIPS National Prep Schools' Art Exhibition later this month, the Art Department has been a busy hive of activity! During the past four weeks hundreds of pieces of artwork, from over 50 schools all over the country, have been arriving at The Prep.

The artwork, which will be displayed in an Exhibition forming a journey around the heart of our School, has been sorted into categories and photographed. Professional display boards have been made and arranged in situ on the mezzanine floor above the Assembly Hall. Now affectionately known as 'The Gallery’, a small team of dedicated, artistic staff and volunteers have been busily velcro-ing work to the boards and walls. There are over 400 pieces; from large collaborative works, which have had the to be creatively hung, to delightfully delicate 3-dimensional pieces. The variety is mind-boggling! Having opened all the parcels herself, photographed and hung many of the pieces, Head of Art at The Prep, Alayne Parsley said "I keep seeing new and different works! The wealth of talent and ideas is astounding!”


The exhibition opens this weekend, with a preview for Cheltenham Prep pupils and staff, followed by a VIP event on Saturday 23 April. Local artist Sophie Ryder will officially open the national event, alongside Cheltenham Prep's Headmaster, Mr Jonathan Whybrow. 

On Sunday 24 April, from 10.00 until 16.00 the Exhibition is then open for a friends and family viewing, and members of the community are very welcome to visit, should they wish to. After Sunday, viewing of the Exhibition is by appointment only, and The Prep's Art Department is proud to be welcoming a number of local schools to visit during this time. The young artists' work will also form the basis of Prep pupils' Art lessons during the final two weeks.

The Exhibition closes on 6 May, after which time, staff will be working towards the exhibition in April 2017! 

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