Art historians enjoy a day of culture

Art historians enjoy a day of culture

A group of sixteen keen Upper College Art historians and two members of staff braved the festive London traffic for a day of culture. Starting at the National Gallery, the Upper Sixth were catapulted into the Counter-Reformation with an exhibition charting the iconic Caravaggio and his followers during the 17th century and beyond; a world of darkness, drama, violence and light.

Meanwhile, Mr Nelson toured the Lower Sixth around a chronological sequence of key case studies pertaining to their thematic studies at AS. This included seminal works by Masaccio, Botticelli, and Holbein.

After a local lunch at Prét, the students and staff visited the National Portrait Gallery to enter the prolific world of perennial game-changer Pablo Picasso, for a journey into the realm of portraiture. No less than 80 highly eclectic portraits later, the group emerged, intoxicated by the countless visual transformations the guru of modernism managed throughout his extensive works. This extremely comprehensive retrospective survey serves to secure his place as the consummate master of convention and, paradoxically, subversion. 

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