Autumn Artwork

Autumn Artwork

Over the Half Term break, Prep pupils were challenged to produce 'Autumn Leaves' themed or inspired artwork. The winners of the competition will be announced next week but ahead of this big announcement, The Prep's Head of Art, Mrs Alayne Parsley, talks a little bit about the judging criteria and why this years entries have been so excellent:

"One of the things that most concerns me when choosing the subject for the House Art competition is choosing something that children aged 7 through to 13 will find relevant, interesting and accessible enough that they feel able to take part with confidence. "Autumn Leaves' seemed appropriate in so many ways. However, I could not have anticipated the level of creative ideas, original use of materials and genuine skill, as exhibited by so many of our pupils this Half Term. Any misgivings I might have had about coming back to school after two weeks holiday were immediately dashed as the first piece of Art work arrived at 7.45, It was a genuine thrill to receive such heartwarming, beautiful things, from an Autumnal Orb to dress designs and Rockets to Hot Air Balloons, on that Monday morning. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from the children how ideas were born and made, holiday stories, involvement of Grannies and Grandad's, Aunties and 'Mum's best friend'. Just fabulous!


There were 121 entries, a huge improvement on the 36 we had in 2014. The standard was very high. One look at the displays makes me feel like putting on a hat "n" scarf and going outside to eat a hot dog! The effect is of Autumn arrived! My favourite season.

Once counted and displayed the difficult task of grading and marking the work began. There were three criteria: Creative ideas, commitment to the task and skills shown. Each carried 5 points maximum 15 points total.


Needless to say there were many with the same mark of 12, in this case, if no one had a higher mark then I brought in Mrs Bond to mark independently those with the same score. The individual results will be announced in Assembly on Monday. But this was a House Competition. The House with the most entries wins... well done Persia!

Many thanks to all who took part, well done, everyone surpassed themselves. All should be proud."


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