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Values and Standards

Boyne House Values and Standards

At Cheltenham College, and in Boyne House, the students try to live by a moral code of values and standards. The College ethos is that of a strong Christian foundation based on servant leadership, and this feeds into the House values.  As a former Army Officer I have seen how these can be vital to operational effectiveness; they have to be more than just words and you must believe in them and live by them. The same is true in the boarding community.

The boys and staff in Boyne House try to live by the values of “SPICE”. This is an easy way of remembering Sportsmanship, Positivity, Integrity, Community and Effort, underpinned by a sense of fun.  If the boys remember nothing else then the House motto of “Sweep The Shed” reminds them to put others first. This is a leadership lesson from the All Blacks, which epitomizes their humility, professionalism and service (Jim Kerr, “Legacy” 2013).

In order to encourage the boys to think more about how they treat each other, and to challenge themselves, I have reproduced a collection of extracts which will hopefully make them want to read and be inspired. Please feel free to download the Boyne House Books file and email me any suggested additions so that the booklet, like Boyne House, can constantly improve.