Record Year for College

Record Year for College

Following strong A-Level results last week, pupils at Cheltenham College are celebrating their best ever GCSE year, with over a third of results gaining top A* grades. Six pupils - Jana Bourhill (L6, Q), Anne-Marie Bowring (L6, Q), Edward Bryan, Annabella Kohler (L6, Ch), Emily Morton (L6, Ch) and Katie Stanton (L6, A) - achieved 10 or more A* grades, marking a stand out year for College.

College pupils study the International GCSE (IGCSE) in Maths, English Language and Literature, Science, History, Geography and Modern Languages, alongside GCSEs in other subjects. Academically more rigorous than their GCSE counterparts, these examinations are recognised as providing the best preparation for A-Level.

Overall, this year 65% of all papers were graded A* or A and 85% at A* to B.

Dr Alex Peterken, Headmaster, commented: "Today's results are a true reflection of the hard work and dedication shown by our pupils. With pupils predominately sitting the International GCSE, requiring pupils to study, understand and question subjects more deeply, I feel tremendously proud of today's achievement. It's not only those pupils with the highest number of A* grades who are to be commended. College is tremendously proud of the dozens of students who have achieved results of which they would never have believed themselves capable a few years ago. This is testament both to their hard work and to the skill and dedication of their teachers."

Emily commented on achieving 11 A*s: "I'm really happy with the results. I worked really hard and I'm glad all the hard work has paid off."

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