Blackadder comes to College

Blackadder comes to College

By Max Pemberton (4th, H)

For our House play, Hazelwell performed three episodes from Blackadder set in the Elizabethan, Victorian and First World War eras. We were told we would be doing a House play just before Half Term and after an initial sense of panic, we realised that each Greenite (a member of Hazelwell) would do a brilliant job, although we had to be on the ball during our high-intensity rehearsals. The rehearsals began at the beginning of the term and at the start, it seemed nigh on impossible that we were going to be able to perform the masterpiece that each of us hoped for.

With a week to go the cast seemed nervous. Our dubious line learning and the thought that we would be performing in front of the school made us even more anxious. Thankfully, on both nights we powered through the play without a single slip-up. Judging by the reaction of the two audiences, everyone had an excellent time and a great laugh, which is just what we intended.

We could not have done it without the help of Miss McBride, who did an outstanding job of controlling and directing fifteen teenage boys. A special mention must go to Tom Hartley (4th, H) for his incredible Scottish accent, also to James Webb (5th, H), Tom Styler (4th, H) and Rauf Aliyev (4th, H), for having the confidence to play the female characters when so many others would shy away from the opportunity. I, along with the rest of the group, thoroughly enjoyed the process and would definitely do it again.

I would also like to thank Mr and Mrs Coull, Mr Kelway, Mr Brewis, Miss McBride, Miss Withers and Adrian for their encouragement, directing and their assistance in creating a comedic final performance. Also, many thanks to those who volunteered backstage: Nathan Lau (5th, H) and the lighting and sound team, Max Winfrey (U6, H) and Azfar (Derek) Bakri (U6, H).

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