Boyne House Contact the Elderly

Boyne House Contact the Elderly

Twice each year the boys of Boyne House host a number of guests from the local charity Contact The Elderly. This group uses volunteer drivers, and venues in Cheltenham as host locations, in order to let the members meet each other, make new acquaintances and to combat any feelings of isolation. This is the third year we have welcomed group members and it was lovely to see some familiar faces for Sunday afternoon tea. We also made contact with 84-year-old OC Mark Allen who was in Christowe and, despite him not being well enough to travel to Boyne House, he received food and company from Mrs Penny and also Zeno Burchi-Khairy and Nick Siu who took him an iPad loaded up with photographs of present day Christowe.

Alex Miller:  I found the experience of meeting the elderly enjoyable as the individuals had led such interesting and diverse lives.  It was clear how special our involvement was to them and I think this form of engagement with the local community is very important.

Naut Rodanant:  I particularly liked listening to the stories the people had to tell.  As Mr Penny said, these people, unfortunately, do not have much contact with others, which makes their visit so much more special to them.

Bryn Fair:  The afternoon was good fun and it was nice to meet some new people, especially seeing as they are likely to come back in the future.  I found that the visitors were very open, friendly and welcoming, which made the experience very gratifying.

Will Taylor:  I talked with one of the elderly people about rugby and the Six Nations: he was a rugby player in his youth and is an avid fan, though he was worried ahead of the England-Ireland game (rightly so as it turned out!).  Overall it was a really enjoyable way to spend the afternoon, especially as it was something out of the ordinary for me.

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