Boyne House Superstars

Boyne House Superstars

On Sunday 10 January, Boyne House enjoyed its annual Superstars competition. The House clans competed in a range of activities, from the intense ‘Bouncy Boxing’ stand, to blindfold food tasting/smelling, to the iconic ‘Multi-Catch’ – with all manner of sports equipment, foodstuffs and other paraphernalia thrown across the yard. Unfortunately, the weather drove the competition indoors, but it could do nothing to dampen the boys’ spirits, as they gamely moved between tasks such as one-handed push-ups and memory games, to telling the difference between chocolate wasabi and hot-cross buns. In the end, clan Zulu prevailed for their consistency across the course. 

This exhausting, fun-filled day (Boyne House also having retained the Inter-House Football trophy, the Eminson Cup, in the morning) was capped off with a House meal at the Spice Lodge. “Thank you, Mr Penny!” Special thanks must also go to all of the House tutors and staff for giving of their time on a Sunday afternoon, and for all their enthusiasm and energy, making the day a memorable success. 

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