Boyne to Boyne bike ride

Boyne to Boyne bike ride

Four students, alongside Housemaster Mr Rich Penny and Assistant Housemaster Mr Beren Delbrooke-Jones, cycled from the Boyne Arms in Shropshire to Boyne House at Cheltenham College. They were driven to the Boyne Arms with their bikes and stayed overnight in order to leave early the next morning.

Not long after they had set off, they endured a gruelling ascent of Clee Hill that took over an hour from top to bottom. By working as a team and encouraging each other, they managed to dig deep and get to the top without walking. Once over the hill, they zoomed down six miles of gentle, downhill country lanes in minutes, careering into Tenbury for a quick ice cream break.

When tantalisingly close to their lunch stop, unfortunately one of the boys got a puncture, which couldn’t be fixed on the side of the road, and so the team went on while he was driven to the overnight stop at Mrs Penny’s parents’ house. The rest of the team’s journey was not yet free of drama, as another student hit a patch of gravel while coming downhill at speed and was flung into the verge. While only his pride was hurt, the bike took a battering and this, unfortunately, concluded his leg of the journey.  The rest of the team spent that evening fixing bikes and wheels, sorting out all issues before a well-deserved dinner of fish and chips!

The next day was spent climbing the Malvern hills, stopping off at one of the boys’ parents’ house for a mid-morning break to refuel before heading home for Cheltenham. Upon leaving they were immediately greeted by a long and winding uphill slog, which tested their grit and resolve at every corner. However, they all reached the top without stopping and spirits lifted as they powered into familiar surroundings. As they pulled into Boyne House they were greeted by family and friends, completing the journey in an impressive time and forging even closer friendships. 

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