Boys Audition for Leading Roles

Boys Audition for Leading Roles

Two pupils have auditioned for a parts playing Young Prince Philip in Netflix’s new drama series, ‘The Crown’ and a young Christopher Robin in a forthcoming feature film about Winnie-the-Pooh’s famous owner.

In June, a casting director came to The Prep looking for young actors to audition for parts in various film productions. Two Cheltenham Prep boys, Jasper Norman (The Crown) and Ethan Feinson (Christopher Robin), were chosen to go through to many following auditions throughout the summer holidays and Jasper made it to the final six boys and Ethan to the final three; exciting indeed. 

Jasper has written an account of his experience as a potential film actor: “Much to my surprise, a week later, the casting director selected me and 6 other boys (out of the over 400 who they auditioned nationally) to come to London for a final round of auditions for director Stephen Daldry — the Tony Award winning and Academy Award nominated director of Billy Elliot, The Hours and The Reader. I was sent a script with two scenes I had to learn off by heart and asked to come to studio in the West End for a day long audition. 

“The day itself was not as glamorous as I had expected. I learned pretty quickly that a lot of professional acting is just sitting around waiting. I read my scenes only a few times for different mixes of people but spent almost 6 hours in the studio waiting and chatting with the other 6 boys there (who looked suspiciously like me!). Mr Daldry was easy to work for and seemed like a nice man although he did curse an awful lot. The second time through, I was asked to say my lines with "more arrogance" because apparently Prince Phillip was not the nicest boy when he was at school. It was funny to me that there were boys aged 11 all the way up to 16 auditioning for the same part of Philip at age 13. Apparently the right “look” is more important than the actual age of the actor. We are still waiting to hear the results of that July audition, but no matter how it turns out, it was a very interesting day!”

Ethan also had a rather amazing summer of auditions: “I travelled up to London and had great fun going to four auditions. I had acting coaching and met the director and some of the cast. I got down to the last audition and didn’t get the part but had an incredible and unexpected experience.”

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