Boys are runners up in the Schools' Hockey League

Boys are runners up in the Schools' Hockey League

The 2017 Independent Schools Hockey League (ISHL) season has come to a close and the boys’ 1st XI finished runners-up to Abingdon – their only loss all season. The team has secured wins over Wellington, St Edwards, Oxford, Marlborough and a draw with Radley. 

Head of Hockey, Mr Gwyn Williams, said, “This team has been a very special group of players and they have only lost three games in two seasons. At the start of the season, Mr Will Packer (another 1st XI coach) and I told the boys they had a good chance at winning the league and they really responded to this with some excellent performances.”

Within the other ISHL competitions, Mr James Copeland-Jordan won the Yearlings B title undefeated. The Yearlings A were also undefeated, although finished runners-up, whilst the 2nd XI and Junior Colts A squads came third overall.

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