Brainy Biologists learn about anatomy

Brainy Biologists learn about anatomy

By Annabel Watkin (4th, Q)

Sixteen Fourth Form pupils had the exciting opportunity to dissect a pig’s head as part of the annual ‘brain investigation’ evening. As one of the pupils who had applied successfully for a place, I arrived at the evening with an open (but slightly apprehensive!) mind, but Mrs Ramsay, who was running the evening, was engaging and provided a brilliant overview of the structure of the brain. Following this, we were given our half head to dissect. Dissection in Biology is a really useful way to study anatomy and the internal components of an animal. We began by removing the brain, which we examined and further dissected, and then removed the pig’s eyeball, which we studied, followed by its ear and even teeth! Overall, it was a very educational evening which proved to be thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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