Bringing Planet Earth to Life

Bringing Planet Earth to Life

The Geography department welcomed the Freshwater Theatre Company into School to help Year 6 pupils discover how and why volcanoes and earthquakes occur - using nothing but themselves as props! The students learnt all about tectonic plates, types of volcanoes and how we can discover facts about historic eruptions using carbon dating and archaeology. 


After uncovering some interesting facts to get started, Year 6 proceeded to travel to Italy, Japan, the USA, Chile and Indonesia to learn more about specific eruptions and earthquakes and how they can affect people and places - all without leaving the Assembly Hall!

Head of Geography at Cheltenham Prep, Mr Scott Newson said, "It was great to see every single child wholly immersed in this very unique workshop, which included acting out how a volcanic eruption took place and reconstructing a disaster relief operation in San Francisco. Given the amount of questions the students had by the end of the workshop, I hope that the children will now go and find out more, putting their experiences and knowledge to good use in the classroom!"


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