CCF Navy Visit HMS Collingwood

CCF Navy Visit HMS Collingwood

The CCF Naval section enjoyed a fantastic field day at HMS Collingwood, the Royal Navy's largest training establishment. All the cadets completed the obstacle course or the low ropes course learning to communicate with other cadets and co-operate with them to tackle difficult tasks. The senior cadets also visited the amazing bridge simulator where the photo-realism computer simulations enable trainee officers to take control of a variety of ships in all weathers and make the training as realistic as possible. Gemma Taylor-Baggs (4th, Q), said, “I had a really fantastic time; the best parts were walking a tight-rope over a pool of freezing cold water and sitting in the Captain’s chair of an active Navy ship! There was non-stop laughter, encouragement and teamwork. It was an unforgettable experience.”

The recruits then had a tour of the warship, HMS Lancaster whilst the seniors went to HMS Victory and the historic dockyard. Tom Anderson (5th, S) commented, “The most enjoyable part of the day for me must have been the tour around HMS Victory. It was amazing to see the contrast with the new Type 45 Destroyer. During our guided tour of HMS Victory, I gained a real feeling of the history and legacy of the Royal Navy, and was shocked by the appalling living conditions her sailors suffered. The history was fascinating and it was a truly inspiring trip!” 

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