Cautionary Tales

Cautionary Tales

This year's Lower College Play was an entirely original work devised by the cast and crew of over 40 Third and Fourth Formers. 

The highly talented cast spent three months work-shopping and exploring ways to stage Belloc's darkly humorous Cautionary Tales. This process culminated in them staging a highly innovative reworking of the poems, effectively incorporating puppets, mime, narration, physical theatre and ensemble work.

As the play opened we met the willful and naughty young Tommy being put to bed by his mother. As he begged her for a bedtime story, she seized the opportunity to teach him a lesson about what happens to disobedient little children. Thus beginning Tommy’s journey into the world of “The Cautionary Tales”, as long after he should have been asleep, he couldn’t put the book down. The alented cast then re-enacted these stories as they might play out in an imaginative little boy’s mind in the dead of night. 

The pupils learnt so much during the process about crafting effective drama. College hopes that this will be the start of a tradition of quality productions, written, directed and devised by pupils.


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