Celebrating democracy

Celebrating democracy

The two front-runners for the Cheltenham constituency visited College earlier this week to answer questions from a panel of Lower Sixth Politics students in front of the whole College community as it gathered in Chapel. Liberal Democrat candidate Martin Horwood, who was the local MP between 2005 and 2015, is seeking to be re-elected. Alex Chalk, the Conservative candidate, is defending a 6,500 majority. The panel asked questions on Brexit, terrorism, NHS funding, Trident, the voting age, the future of the UK, and the relationship between an MP and his or her constituency.

Thanks to our Politics students Charles O’Bryan, Terezia Michaelikova, Pablo Esponabarbara, Tommy Maddinson and Anna McIntyre for sharing their interest and knowledge in politics with the rest of the College community.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats candidates were asked to visit College as they received 46% and 34% of the vote respectively in 2015, with Labour and UKIP coming in at 7% and the Green Party at 5%.

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