Chapel Quad is Rejuvenated for its 175th Year

Chapel Quad is Rejuvenated for its 175th Year

By Mr Kirk Steel, Estates Bursar

As anyone who has run the gauntlet across Chapel Quad in the rain will testify, the uneven surface, pools of water and wobbly slabs were a challenge.  Many pairs of trousers and skirts were forced into an early wash as mud and grime was splashed around – and sometimes it happened accidentally!

Over the course of the last seven weeks, the Chapel Quad has been re-laid.  There is still a small amount of work to be completed with the tarmac but now, for the first time in probably 50 years, the slabs are level, grouted and flat and the risk to dry cleaning bills has been much reduced.

Before the slabs were re-laid the whole area was photographed and the slabs numbered so that they could be returned to their original location.  The slabs were then lifted and re-laid using original lime based materials by qualified stonemasons.  Where slabs were no longer useable they were replaced with new sandstone pennant slabs from the same area of the Forest of Dean and some were cut down and used to replace smaller unusable slabs.

Finally, the slabs were cleaned and we now have a significantly safer, cleaner and more attractive area which showcases our College in its 175th year.


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