Cheltenham College raised over £60,000 for charity

Cheltenham College raised over £60,000 for charity

Cheltenham College and Cheltenham Prep are delighted to have donated over £61,000 to charitable causes this year, raised through both collective and individual efforts. Over £47,000 has been raised by pupils and staff, and the remaining £14,000 was raised through the Parents’ Lottery for the Cheltenham College Humanitarian Aid Projects.

The prefects’ chosen charity, Winston’s Wish, was the biggest beneficiary, with £10,000 being raised this year through events such as the Prefects’ 24 Hours. Other notable events include Boyne House’s Coast to College run, in which £5,000 was raised for the Afghan Connection, and the Variety Show, where £4,000 was raised for the Bradet orphanage in Romania, the Gogar School in Kenya and the Shamrock School in Nepal.

Director of Charities Dr Adam Dunning commented, "This is a fantastic effort from the whole school community. Charitable causes at home and abroad will benefit enormously from the money raised. And beyond the fundraising, many pupils became actively involved in charitable and voluntary service this year. I’m enormously proud of them all.” 

We want to thank everyone who organised, took part in or donated to one of our charitable events. 

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