Cheltenham Prep Retains College's Cup!

Cheltenham Prep Retains College's Cup!

After a gruelling clash between Cheltenham Prep and Clifton College, The Prep is proud to have retained the College's Cup! Read the match report below, by Cheltenham Prep's Head of Boys' Sport, Mr Duncan Simpson. 



"Clifton College and Cheltenham have a tremendous history of competition on the sports fields and this is celebrated every year by the fiercely contested College's Cup. The Cheltenham Prep boys have enjoyed a strong start to the season, racking up a lot of points, but we knew this would be a real test against a powerful and motivated Clifton side. Right from the first whistle, the Clifton boys threw themselves into the Cheltenham defence, carrying hard and putting big numbers into each ruck. Their team, who had recently enjoyed good wins over Dean Close and King’s Taunton,  did not want to have to hand over the Cup on their home ground.

What they met, however, was one of the most punishing defensive displays I have seen in 15 years of teaching Prep School rugby. A combination of technique, power and utter determination from our boys knocked the Clifton runners back, time after time. This punishing defence was then contrasted by our outstanding clinical execution with the ball in hand. We had 12 opportunities to score in the game and converted 10 of them – a simply staggering conversion rate from a very talented side. Credit must go to Clifton though, who never backed down, battled to the final whistle and applauded our team when we collected the trophy – a real credit to their school. 

Final word, however, must go to our boys. We have now played and won 6 out of 6 matches, scoring over 235 points in the process. Most of our tries have been scored through wonderful handling and decision making; we are passing our way around teams and it has been a real joy to watch."

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