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Cheltonian Endowment Trust

The Cheltonian Endowment Trust (CET) is an independent trust run by a board of Old Cheltonians. The CET (formerly the Cheltonian Trust Endowment Fund) was formed under Trust Deed in 1917 for the purpose of acquiring donations, subscriptions or legacies and applying this income for the benefit of Cheltenham College. In April 2005 the Trust merged with the Cheltonian Society Fund and the Sir John Dill Fund to create a larger and more effective charitable fund.

The primary task of the CET is to give financial assistance to families who, without our support, would otherwise have to withdraw their children from College. In these difficult times this is becoming an increasingly important task. The CET also funds a number of Travel Awards for L6th pupils and a number of prizes.

If you would like to know more or to contribute please do get in touch with me through the Old Cheltonian Administrator, Malcolm Sloan.

Paul Arengo-Jones (BH ’62), Chairman