Chemistry Spectacular!

Chemistry Spectacular!

To celebrate both the 175th anniversary of the Royal Society of Chemistry and to help mark the 175th anniversary of Cheltenham College, the Chemistry department held a Chemistry Spectacular for staff and pupils, taking them on a journey through the periodic table and showcasing classic chemistry demonstrations performed on a large scale. Displays included Elephant’s Toothpaste, Gun Cotton, Thermite, and the discovery of Phosphorous.

Head of Chemistry at College, Mr Daniel Townley said, “The Chemistry Spectacular event was intended to fuel the pupils’ passion for Chemistry and build upon the practical work covered in class which allows us to take our pupils way beyond the confines of the curriculum. This is essential for anyone who wants a career in sciences. During the show, the pupils witnessed some of the most important reactions and principles governing the world of chemistry and the relationship of these to our very existence on the planet. It was an exposition of explosions, detonations, and deflagrations!”

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