Chess Challenge

Chess Challenge

Some of the youngest children at Cheltenham Prep went into battle in the Kingfisher and Lower School Chess Challenge.

Not only were the children pleased to be playing against some new adversaries, the children from Kingfishers were excited to be going to Lower School for the event.

The Year 4 children were fantastic at coaching and patiently explaining the finer points of the game.

Congratulations to Max Callon-Hine and Harry Dawson our Kingfisher and Lower School winners.

Rachael Buttress, Head of Kingfishers commented "Chess in an important part of school life throughout Cheltenham Prep and it is wonderful to see it gaining in popularity with our youngest children. Children from Year 1 upwards have a chance to take part in our weekly chess club. Chess is not only fun and enjoyable but challenges children to problem solve, think ahead and use strategy. The Chess Challenge runs every term at the Prep and we are never short of entrants for this popular event."


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