Chess Team Competition Debut

Chess Team Competition Debut

Cheltenham College Prep Chess Team played their first competition this Saturday. 15 schools took part with 165 players in one hall to compete in The Musketeers 27th Annual Junior Chess Congress. 48 matches were played. Our team played 6 matches of 40 minutes, between 9.30am and 4pm, so a long day.


Each player was awarded points, 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for a lose. The points are accumulated throughout the day and prizes were awarded to the winning school and to the winning individual in each age category. All matches started at the same time and as games ended the players would return to base, saying win, lose or draw to the other team members. Even every loss was congratulated by a high five, as another point had been awarded towards our total score. At key matches noses were pressed against the window into the silent match room, and a boy would come running back to base, saying “it looks like Sean is winning, he’s taken more pieces”.

Our team were a delight, all behaved beautifully in an intimidating situation. I could see individuals confidence grow throughout the day. Boys who were worried about losing, learned that it was alright to lose and do so with a smile on their faces. Confidence was boosted in the middle of the day by a surprise visit by Mrs Buttress. 

By the end of round 4 we were in joint first place with Berkhampstead, nail biting stuff. We ended at round 6 with 57 points in joint 2nd place with Berkhampstead, beaten by only one point by the defending champions Oldfield Park.

Michael Warr won the Under 8s boys prize with a fantastic 20 points.

  • Sean Degnan, Year 2 - 12 points 
  • Max Muirie, Year 3 - 11 points
  • Sam Albutt, Year 3 - 7 points
  • Monty Campbell-Black, Year 3 - 16 points
  • Michael Warr, Year 3 - 20 points
  • Felix Warr, Year 5 - 10 points
  • Finn Keatinge, Year 6 - 9 points
  • Noah Campbell-Black, Year 6 - 12 points

Well done everyone, you represented Cheltenham Prep impeccably!

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