Clash of Hockey Titans

Clash of Hockey Titans

"The Ladies Games Coaches played a hard fought contest against the girls of Year 8 this week. The 5-2 scoreline, in favour of the staff, did not reflect how close the game was. A great match - both for the players and the spectators! The report below was written by some of the Year 8 girls who made up this excellent team." - Mr Whybrow, Headmaster



It was a cold Wednesday evening and the Y8’s had already undertaken an afternoon of sheer hard work on the netball courts. The absence of injured Thea, one of our key players, was heavily grieved. As we entered the astro we could see that the teachers looked like they could, actually, play hockey (much to our surprise) and that it wouldn’t be an easy match - but we were more than up for trying. The teachers took the lead with an amazing goal from Miss Ramsay, Head of Girls' Sport. Then our first goal was scored after excellent team passing work from Anya to Laura to Gabby. Miss Seville scored another goal for the staff then it was the end of the first quarter. 

Miss Sheehan, representing the English department, scored with a powerful hit at goal but we came back, winning a short corner which Isabella scored with a beautiful slap hit. It stayed at 3-2 for most of the match then – a hard fought battle going from end to end. Just a few minutes from time though, Miss Sheehan fired home two more goals, catching us on the break when we were fighting for an equalizer.

The game finished 5 – 2. Congratulations to Duniya who was amazing in goal, defending our end from the teachers' onsalught. She definitely earned player of the match! Everyone had a great time; it was so much fun getting to tackle the teachers. 

By Gabby, Anya, Laura, Hanna, Isabella and Duniya

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