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Clubs and Activities

During the course of a year, Cheltenham Prep will have offered somewhere in the region of 80 different Clubs and Activities to all of its pupils. These take place throughout the day, some at morning break, some at lunchtime. However, most Clubs and Activities take place after school, utilizing the impressive facilities we have on offer as well as our talented staff wanting to share their expertise with the children.

We run a number of Clubs and Activities off-site for the children, such as Polo, Equestrian Club, Skiing and Shooting. The remainder all happen here at school, and range from Cooking Club to Forest School, from Archery to Italian Club, from Ukelele Club to Bible Explorers, from Fencing to Urban Street Dance, from Circus Skills through to Model Boating Club (trying them out on the Lake!) and we even have our own Scout troop. We use all of the sporting facilities for various Clubs & Activities, from Girls Football through to Recreational Swimming, from Badminton through to Biathlon Club.

There is truly something for everyone. Come and take part!

If you have any questions regarding Clubs & Activities, please contact Mr Kit Perona-Wright

Clubs and Activities Booklets
Clubs and Activities Reply Forms

Please note that, for Kingfishers (Pre-Prep), the reply slips are handed directly to parents on the first day of term to be filled out overnight and returned the next day. However, the information booklet for your section is still available above, enabling you to discuss choices with your child prior to term starting.