College Lawn opens its doors

College Lawn opens its doors

On Sunday 3 September, College Lawn opened its doors to the inaugural cohort of 24 Third and Fourth Form girls. Empty rooms were quickly filled with noise, colourful duvets, family photos and the inevitable fairy lights, and at last, the house came to life!

We’ve had a wonderful time settling in to our beautiful new home. The rooms are bright, light and airy, with stunning views over College Field and Chapel. It was a huge team effort to get the house up and running for the start of term and we’re hugely grateful to everyone who worked so hard on our behalf, and particularly to Mr Steel, whose dedication to the project has been unstinting.

In the last ten days it has been lovely to see the girls making new friendships and starting to define what College Lawn means to them. Highlights have been toastie-making with Mrs Hornsby, pizza and movie night, Third and Fourth Form evenings in Westal and Chandos, and pancake-making led by Caitlin and Stephanie. Already there is a really strong sense of family amongst the girls, and I am proud of how they are supporting one another as they settle in to life in College.

And just as we become settled in 1 College Lawn, work begins next door on No. 2 College Lawn and we look forward with great anticipation to what the next phase will bring in September.

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