College Takes on the World

College Takes on the World

By Ankita Mediratta (L6, W)

Twelve delegates from College attended the annual Bristol Grammar School Model United Nations (MUN) conference, representing the countries of Turkey and Greece. MUN is an opportunity for students to come together to debate and learn about diplomacy, international relations and get a sense of how the UN operates.

The morning was spent in our respected committees, which were ably chaired by the students of Bristol Grammar School. The sessions began with resolutions being put forward by different countries, which needed to gain the signatures of five countries in order to be presented. All countries then had the opportunity to propose amendments and debate for and against these amendments. Delegates must stay true to the identity and policies of their country, which makes the responsibility of which resolution to sign all the more interesting. In the Human Rights Committee we debated the question of free speech and the question of secularism and its implications for governments.

This was a phenomenal experience filled with intellectual debate and a lot of humour. James Battishill (U6, NH), the political delegate for Turkey said, “It was great to meet so many academically minded people, who could be the future leaders of our nations.” Charlotte Ball (L6, Ch), the disarmament delegate for Greece commented, “It was a great experience and a really good chance to meet some very interesting people”. Many thanks to Miss Brodigan for organising this trip and encouraging us all to participate in such an amazing event. 

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