College Unplugged

College Unplugged

As the Spring Term approached, College hosted its annual music event College Unplugged on Saturday 9 January. Held in Jack Ralphs Studio, Mr Nelson picked an Upper College student to help him organise this event each year. College Unplugged is open to Upper College students and gives them a chance to relax and unwind after the first week of term. With an ‘open-mic’ style, the studio is set up with bean bags and dim lighting. Drinks in hand, Upper College and staff gather in a cozy space to listen to some of the undiscovered talent of their peers and even some staff. Participants of College Unplugged play any song and any instrument they wish. This year was particularly exciting, with surprising (but brilliant) renditions from Mr Peacock, Mrs Enright, Dr Morton and Mr Nelson himself. Mrs Enright especially shocked the students with her amazing singing and beautiful guitar playing, leaving us in jaw-dropping awe and begging for more. Pupil acts included Jacqueline Nussbaum-Lapping (U6, A), Tiger Chan (L6, NH), Alicia Burd (L6, Q), Ankita Mediratta (L6, W), Jack Burns (L6, NH), and Alex Sickmueller (L6, Xt). I also performed two pieces with my band; Shasha Tara on vocals, Max Winfrey (U6, H) on drums, Jasper Ng (L6, Xt) on the keyboard, Harry Byrne (L6, Xt) on bass and myself on the guitar. The night was a success, with pupils and staff who attended screaming "encore" as the final song finished. So successful, in fact, that pupils and staff alike want to change this evening from annual to every term.

By Daniel Stoianov (L6, Xt)

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