College organ receives new addition

College organ receives new addition


The organ in College Chapel has undergone exciting modification and enhancement this week. The organ was originally built in 1897 and housed in the magnificent Prothero case, by Norman & Beard. It was rebuilt and extended by Harrison and Harrison first in 1930 and has continued to enthral College not only when providing accompaniment for the famously robust congregational singing in Chapel but also as an instrument capable of achieving a wide range of colour and dynamics. Its three manuals (keyboards) and pedals encompass a well-balanced traditionally voiced instrument which is very well suited to the liturgical and choral needs of an independent school with a renowned and highly regarded musical tradition. It is therefore to these fine qualities of the instrument, which is also fantastically versatile in recital that the present addition of a 32-foot 'Double Ophicleide' stop will dramatically lend itself. So be warned, an even more profound bone-shaking depth of resonance is to be expected!

A recital to celebrate the addition of the new stop will be given on Saturday 1 February 2014 at 7.30pm by Thomas Trotter, one of Britain's highly acclaimed musicians and sought after organists.

Click here for the programme of his third recital here at College. Tickets are available from Reception.


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