College pupils trial for GB Rowing

College pupils trial for GB Rowing

Ben Schallamach (L6, BH) and Hugo Oglina (L6, Xt) have made it through the first round of the GB Rowing trials and are through to the next round in February. The pupils row in a pair and completed a 5km row, following a 2km ergo test to qualify.

Ben commented, “Having travelled there the night before, nerves were high in anticipation for what lay ahead. We knew that we would have to row 5km, but we did not know anything other than that; the GB trials were a new process to us. On the day of trials, we set off with two hours to spare before we were racing so we could rig the boats and go for a quick briefing. After the briefing, we all felt a lot calmer as we realised that it was just another head race. As we brought the boat to the landing stage our coaches said, ‘It's not like you're going into a boxing arena with Mike Tyson, you're rowing. You've done it before and you've trained, just push hard.’ Although the result was not quite what we were capable of, the experience of trialling for Great Britain was nevertheless positive and one which we will take with us moving forwards to the February trials.”

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