College students third in regional Maths Challenge

College students third in regional Maths Challenge

A team of four Sixth Formers, William Hardy (U6, S), Chuen Leik Low (U6, Xt), Ian Wan (L6, NH) and Ben Schallamach (L6, BH), competed in the regional finals of the UKMT Senior Team Maths Challenge at Wycliffe College, placing third out of 20 teams involved, beating the competition from Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Dean Close and St Edwards. 

The competition involved three rounds of tests: during the first round, they answered 10 questions as a team, the second round they worked in pairs over a cross-number (like crosswords but with number clues rather than words), and the third round was a relay round, where the pupils worked in pairs, with each pair using the others’ last answer to give them their next question.

Mr James Stubbert, Maths teacher, commented, “As well as testing the pupils’ problem-solving skills and ingenuity, the Senior Maths Challenge is a real test of communication and teamwork. The College team did very well indeed.”

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