Debating Competition

Debating Competition

On the evening of Tuesday 3 February, Cheltenham College hosted the first round of The Davies & Partners Solicitors inter-school debating competition. Three motions were debated:

  • This House believes that the UK should follow Scotland and vote to stay in the European Union to continue to enjoy all the benefits the European Union brings.


Speaking for the Proposition: Cheltenham Ladies College

Speaking for the Opposition: St. Edwards School

  • This House believes that if you are old enough at 16 to marry and join the army, you should have the right to vote at 16 as well.


Speaking for the Proposition: The Cotswold School

Speaking for the Opposition: Cheltenham College


  • This House believes that freedom of speech must be qualified by legislation and the courts, if it is to be justified within our society.

Speaking for the Proposition: The Crypt School

Speaking for the Opposition: The Kings School



Cheltenham College was represented by Harry Ferris (L6, NH) and Anne-Marie Bowring (L6, Q). Despite a compelling argument put forth by Harry, and a riveting rebuttal and summary speech by Anne-Marie, it was not quite enough in the face of stiff opposition, and The Cotswold School along with Cheltenham Ladies’ College were put through to the next round.

The event was hosted, chaired and timed entirely by members of College’s own Debating Society: Antonia Stuckey (L6, Q), Matthew Chye (L6, NH) and Jack McClure (4th, L). It was a night of enthralling back-and-forth debating between the teams who all performed admirably.

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