Debating Victory

Debating Victory

On Monday College hosted the final of the Davies and Partners' Gloucester Schools' Debating Competition 2014.

Speaking against the motion 'A United Kingdom in the 21st Century is an irrelevance', Katie Stanton (5th, A) and Chris Bowring (U6, S) took on a team from Sir Thomas Rich's School. The other semi-final was contested by a team from Cheltenham Ladies' College and a stand-in team from College of Sophie Caws (L6, Q) and Glenn Edwards (L6, S).

As first speaker for the Opposition, Katie put up an eloquent and erudite defence of the Union, while Chris rebutted the Propositions' line of argument with incisive intellectual rigour.

In two debates featuring some very high-level performances, including excellent challenges and strong rebuttal, the adjudicators from Davies and Partners declared the decision had been a close call but in the end College clinched the victory with their strong and relevant line of argument.

Congratulations to Katie and Chris on a great victory!


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