Do Something 'Booky'!

Do Something 'Booky'!

Fictional characters took over at Cheltenham Prep as staff and pupils paraded in a variety of costumes for World Book Day! 

‘Do Something Booky,’ were the instructions from the organisers of World Book Day 2017 and, in true Cheltenham Prep style, that’s exactly what pupils did! As part of a book activity-filled day, pupils from every section of the school took part in a fashion show, parading their costumes and striking a pose for photographers and the judges! This event was the perfect example of how books can bring people together (in a united bookish front!), as Year 8 pupils took Nursery and Reception pupils by the hand, guiding them down the catwalk and encouraging them to clap and dance to the music!

The costume parade was just one of the many activities going on as part of this international celebration: for the past few weeks, pupils have been busily taking photographs of themselves reading in extreme situations and locations, selecting scenes from books and re-creating them in shoe boxes, planning and making costumes, and scouring bookshelves looking for books to include in our book swap. The day itself was equally busy and exciting and the costumes on display were outstanding; what a superb effort from pupils and parents alike.

Two competitions ran all day, the ‘Staff Shelfie Competition’, where pupils had to match up the photographs of staff bookshelves with their owner, and the ‘Who Am I? Competition’ where pupils had to work out which made-up autobiography title belonged to which member of staff. Who on earth could have written ‘This is the Yiend,’ or ‘All’s Wells That Ends Wells’?! 



Book tokens have been given out to all pupils and these can be used in participating bookshops to swap for a FREE World Book Day book or to get £1 off any book or audiobook worth £2.99 or more.

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