Dragons' Den

Dragons' Den

College hosts an annual Dragons’ Den competition with the winners taking part in GCHQ’s ‘Intelligent Innovators’ competition in partnership with GFirst Local Enterprises. On Wednesday 14 October the Third Form were helped by many local businessmen and women with the development and planning of an item that would help busy people in their travelling. The teams had to develop a presentation that considered the design, the market for the product and the financial planning.

In the afternoon, all groups had to stand up in front of their peers and deliver their concepts. External judges chose four teams for the finals and after some impressive pitches, Mia Naylor (3rd, Ch), Min Pantisoontorn (3rd, Ch), Gus Milton (3rd, Xt), Piers Morgan (3rd, Xt) and Duncan Pinchen (3rd, Xt) came second with a futuristic cycling hat that includes a sat nav and radio. Anna Kuptsova (3rd, A), Velvet Morgan (3rd, A), Games Buri (3rd, NH) and Edward Ferris (3rd, NH) won with their modern travel system based on a Segway that could also travel off-road.

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