'Dragons' compete to raise money for charity

'Dragons' compete to raise money for charity

By James Webb (L6, H)

Hazelwell took advantage of the first ‘closed weekend’ of the new year to hold a charity triathlon with all the boys in the House involved. We wanted to raise a substantial sum for our nominated charity, The Cornerstone Centre, which does amazing work in Cheltenham to raise funds for local community needs and projects. To date, we have raised an incredible £920!

For this fundraising event, our task was to run, row and cycle the length of the Thames (364 km) within two hours. To create a more competitive edge to the task, we competed against each other in our eight ‘Dragon’ teams; the team that completed the most kilometres would win (no prize, just glory!). The House came together in competitive spirit and completed 54km more than needed in an extremely quick time of 50 minutes, a whole 70 minutes earlier than anticipated! All in all, it was a fantastic idea by Mr Walton, who must be thanked for organising the event so well and we hope this event can be inscribed into Hazelwell’s tradition for many years to come.


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