Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

At the end of term, an 'egg-citing' morning was enjoyed by Kingfisher and Lower School children at the Prep. The children were dressed up in their Easter bunny ears and bonnets as they searched the school grounds for clues ….. before being rewarded with a large chocolate egg!

The Easter Bunny was there to visit and help guide the children around the course, stopping to munch on carrots and play beach ball. 

Natalie Schmidt, co-organiser to the event, commented: "My favourite moment was seeing the Easter Bunny ride a bicycle up to group of children, only to be told by one Lower School child 'I'm so sorry Easter Bunny, but you missed the School Triathlon. It was yesterday'."

Easter actiivities, from more traditional hunts to online searches to decipher codes, were arranged for the entire Cheltenham Prep population to raise money for WellChild - the Prep's chosen charity.

Nearly 400 chocolate eggs were distributed to Easter Hunters throughout the week.


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