Empowering Young Minds with Science

Empowering Young Minds with Science

By Dylan Adlard (L6, S)

The astrophysicist Carl Sagan once said, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”. This was certainly the case for 30 children from St Gregory’s Primary school on Tuesday, who attended both Biology and Chemistry workshops at the Cheltenham College science labs. They were split into two groups: one group, under the leadership of Miss Knowles and with the help of Mrs Mech, dissected owl pellets and examined the individual constituents of the indigested matter, such as a shrew skeleton; the other group, lead by Mr Townley, Mrs Henderson and Mr Jones, investigated chemical changes of a range of elements, and used methods, which even A Level students use such as flame colour tests. Both groups switched places after an hour.

The teachers reported that a wide range of impressive questions were asked, and enthusiastic contributions were made to both tasks. Mr Jones wholeheartedly agreed, “Workshops such as these really open children’s eyes to what can be done with a comprehensive range of facilities and resources, and it provides them with the opportunity to ask about how science works.”

Huge thanks must be given to all staff involved, especially the lab technicians who gave up their time to ensure the event progressed seamlessly.

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