Exploring Our Brains

Exploring Our Brains


The Kingfisher’s PSE lessons have focused on the theme of “making mistakes” and how we learn from them. 

The children tried to decide whether a problem could be solved by using their ‘thinking’ brain or their ‘emotional’ brain. Using their favourite Meg and Mog book, the children were able to see how rationalising a problem, rather than becoming upset, would help them design a solution.

In groups, the children discussed possible reactions to a situation: Meg’s spell had gone wrong and accidentally turned her friends into mice! The children then wrote down what Meg might say if she used her emotional brain, and also her thinking brain.

The emotional reactions included: “Oh no, I will be thrown out of Magic School’ or “I will never be invited to spell parties anymore!’ Head of Pre-Prep, Mrs Rachael Buttress, said how impressed she was to hear the children design rational, thinking responses: “Some of the answers given included possible solutions to the problem, or positive responses – such as trying the spell again or feeding the mice with cheese!”

The real challenge for the children will be to try and apply this in their everyday lives at school. When things go wrong it’s easy to be upset, but with support and encouragement, the children’s thinking brains will spring into action!



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