Extended Projects on Display

Extended Projects on Display

By Dylan Adlard (L6, S)

On Friday 8 January, teachers, parents and the Lower Sixth students planning to undertake the Extended Project Qualification, gathered in the Big Classical. Seven Upper Sixth students, who have compiled their EPQ’s, and will soon be orally presenting them to a board of examiners, joined them. The meeting not only gave them an opportunity to practise in front of an audience, but also provided us with an idea of how much has to be accomplished when executing our projects.

Fascinating talks were given by Anne‐Marie Bowring (U6, Q), Inés Oliver (U6, A), Fernando Capelastegui (U6, BH), Pitchakorn Luanguthai (U6, NH), Fraser Neal (U6, H), Jana Bourhill (U6, Q) and Gianluca Mech (U6, Xt), on the steps they took in producing their EPQ’s, what their projects’ comprised, and what inspired them to write on their chosen subject. The presentations ranged from farming and biodiversity, Homer’s Odyssey and female characters, to epigenetics and medicine, sustainable sources of biodiesel catalysts, Proxy Wars, the Evidence Based Medical System and finally to Schizophrenia.

Thought provoking questions were asked and competently answered. Useful advice given to the Lower Sixth included referencing notes as one researches in order to make sourcing information easier when compiling the report, organising an EPQ diary, and creating a comprehensive project plan. Time management is an area we were told to watch carefully, and I for one will certainly have to set more realistic targets and deadline dates.

Overall, it was an enjoyable evening, and certainly fuelled the Year 12s’ desire to really get their projects underway. Good luck to those in Upper Sixth soon to present their EPQs!



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