First place for cross country team

First place for cross country team

The Prep's runners had a wonderful final race in the Cross Country league - the fourth race of four on a gruelling course at St. Edwards. It did not start particularly well as last week’s winner (by some distance) and another Prep pupil pulled out at the last minute due to illness. This was a great shame, however the rest of the girls team stepped up and were quite outstanding with the following positions out of 160 participants:

3rd - Claudie MacInness
6th - Abi Hulett
10th - Eva de Quincey Adams
12th - Martha Llewellen Palmer
18th - Lily Poulain
19th - Clova Logan

The rest of the runners from Year 4 were all inside the top 70! It was also quite amazing to see so many Cheltenham Prep girls inside the top 20. When the scores from all the schools, of which there were about 25-30 in total, were added together, The Prep came 1st! When all the individual scores were added together the following qualified to represent Cheltenham in the County Race at Newent on Saturday 19 March:

4th Overall - Claudie MacInnes
7th Overall - Martha Llewellen-Palmer

6th Overall - Joe Tagg

It was most fitting that the girls should all do so well in the week of International Women’s week! They were all delighted with their medals and trophies.

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